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My painting in latest Tasting Kitchen Magazine's Nordic Odyssey, Hong Kong

Nordic countries fascinate people in the Far East. People from China, Japan and other faraway places like the freshness, silence and different beauty of Scandinavia travelling here not only for Lapland but to see and experience the culture and art including Nordic cuisine as well.

I was contacted recently by the editor of Tasting Kitchen. She wished to know if she could use one of my paintings, 'Juicy Reading', in the Nordic Odyssey number of the TK magazine – and interview me for my philosophy and techniques of my paintings. Here's what she wrote (see pages 16-17):

https://issuu.com/tastingkitchen/docs/tk29_nordic_odyssey__s_ (click the link)

And by the way, the magazine is just beautiful and full of other, interesting stories of the Nordic cuisine!


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